I’m Juicing For January!

I’m Juicing! Yup I’m attempting to do the 14/15 day Reboot program made popular by Joe Cross from the docu-film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  In the film Joe and others dove into juicing head first by only consuming fresh homemade juices for up to 60-days.

Joe embarked on his juice reboot due to health issues and at the end of his 60 days and with the supervision of a doctor he was able to be taken completely off his medications.  And he lost a ton of weight and got healthy.

I’ve done a raw food 30-day fast/diet/journey in previous years for the month of January (okay 31 days).  My cousin annually leads a Facebook group of friends and family where people can share photos of the foods and recipes they’ve consumed each day. It’s a great support system on days when you just want a steak instead of a salad or smoothie. And can get encouragement from others going thru the same journey.

Although I had seen Joe’s film several months ago I decided to try this Juice Reboot now, in January.  In the beginning I had thought I would do just juicing for all 15 days. But as you’ll see, that plan was slightly altered. By publishing this journey of mine online, I hope that it will keep me accountable and on track.  My goal is to cleanse, reboot, and lose some pounds.

Cheers! Here’s to the new year!

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  1. Bravo Cuz!! Can’t wait to see your amazing results!!!


  2. Awesome Justice!!!! I’m sort of in the same boat…doing a 20 day full body cleanse but it consists of a raw diet…and i’m only on day 6 🙂

    Good luck with your journey!!! Looking forward to reading all about it soon…


    • Yes I’m currently on day 5 and its a struggle. Good luck. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated. I’ll post the daily updates soon. Which websites are you using for recipes or support?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Im taking it day by day and just googling raw websites for recipes…. May do some research this weekend to be prepared for next week. I’ve been jazzing my salads up with homemade dressing recipe found online though 🙂 … Yum yum!!!


  3. Good luck, stick to it!


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