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Why The Cheesecake Factory Should Banish the White Bread from their Tables.


The Cheesecake Factory should probably just ban the white dinner bread from their restaurant. I mean seriously the wheat bread is what everyone at the table always reaches for.

I must admit that I was prejudice against the brown bread for years until that was all that was left on the table and I tried it. This probably stems from being a kid and going to grandma’s house where they only had the healthiest, i.e. the nastiest brown wheat bread. So i was conditioned to dislike any bread brown in color and not chocked full of bananas and nuts

I was so upset with myself that I had gone so long neglecting this seemingly hidden gem.  But you know what they say… “Once you go brown”… you never frown?

Who knows what they say I just know they should just never bring me the white bread again.

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