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Weight a Minute: Travel Nightmare in Lusaka Airport

After returning from Zambia I received an email from a friend who I met in Zambia. She and her travel companion apparently had quite a few issues trying to depart Lusaka airport.

Upon arriving at the airport counter that was obviously run by locals they were informed of several weird rules that they seemed to keep making up about what constituted a carry-on bag.

Not the actual luggage in a question.

According to the folks at the counter, my friends needed to have physical laptops in their possession IF they wanted their backpacks to count as carry-ons. Which is an absurd rule. But they were able to convince them that iPads should be counted as computers.

They were then told that their carry-on luggage was CLEARLY too large to be a carry-on, as carry-ons could only be 7kg. Her carry-on weighed 10kg and his was 9. To counter this rule, she ended up putting on several articles of clothing from her bag until the weight complied with the rules.

She said she looked like a crazy homeless person with jeans on underneath a dress, with a sweater, cardigan and blazer followed by a scarf and trench coat!!!! Her travel companion had to carry several pairs of shoes in his hands.

To make matters worse the lady from the counter followed them thru the airport to ensure that they didn’t put the articles of clothing back in to their carry-on bags. I could not believe the level of harassment they endured at the airport. I mean honestly was it really that big a deal, that they made them do all of that to comply with “these rules” of weight requirements, if the same weight was still getting on the plane.

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