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Don’t You Just Love Day Parties?

First let me explain what a Day Party is for those who are unaware. For the purposes of this post, I’m referring to parties held a nightclub, restaurant or bar venue during daylight hours, typically between late afternoon and ending around sunset.

Day parties aren’t a new phenomenon but they have gained a great deal of popularity in the last few years. I believe Day Parties became  popular several years ago during  North Carolina’s CIAA‘s basketball tournaments.

I love day parties! They’re so much more fun than “night parties”.  When co-workers or family members ask me what I have planned for the weekend or what I did the previous weekend and I say attended a day party, I seem to get the same response. “A Day Party?” As in why must I make the distinction between a day party and a regular party.

The obvious distinction is that one is during the day and the other is typically at night. But beyond that, day parties are so much more for me than the time difference. The atmosphere is so much more open and people seem friendlier and more social than a lot of night club parties. Outdoor sections offer the perfect environment to chat with friends or cute guys and you can actually see if that guy is cute or not.

The dress code is usually more relaxed during the day, as you’ll see many women in sundresses and comfortable shoes. Women at Night parties are in the tightest dresses and extremely uncomfortable shoes. Maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration but the bottom-line is that the dress is very different.

My biggest complaint about partying at night is that nobody wants to get to the club until 11:30 PM or later. 11:30 is already past my bed time on most days.  I’ve never been much of a club person, but by the time I arrive at the club, dance to a song or two, I’m already sleepy and ready go home.  With Day Parties I can dance all day, have a few drinks and even hit an after party 🙂 and make my bedtime.

So I’m always down for a day party!

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